Body sugaring

Body sugaring is simply is the oldest and most effective method of hair removal, not to mention the most hygienic! Our sugarists are educated in house so we know Sugarmoon provides the best possible body hair removal. Made to our exacting specifications, our sugar removes your hair safely and gently so your skin is left soft, smooth, exfoliated and protected,

Benefits of sugaring

Natural ingredients

Sugar is made of only three ingredients, sugar, lemon and water. Sugar is completely organic and natural with no added parabens or wax Our natural forumla is easy to apply and easy to remove, creating a less painful hair removal experience. Come see for yourself. Book an appointment at any one of our three conveniently located Toronto Salons. We guarantee you a sweet experience.

Hygienic & safe for the skin

Sugar is exceptionally safe for you skin – it is also the most hygienic hair removal option. Your sugar, your treatment is our mantra. Once your service is complete, your sugar is disposed of NOT returned to a communal pot. Sugar is never heated therefore it will never burn. It is the most natural, safe, hygenic way to remove hair from all parts of the body

Gentle for the body

Sugar adheres to your hair, not your skin and therefore is less painful. This helps keep ingrowns to a minimum and keeps your skin smooth and fresh. Sugar is removed with the grain of the hair growth, making it less painful. Sugar is so gentle, it is safe for people suffering from various skin conditions including Psoriasis and Eczema.

Smooth, long lasting results

Our all natural sugar formula helps us to provide the ultimate in hair removal. Sugaring lasts longer than waxing and can be performed over the treatment area more than once, ensuring that the tiniest of hairs is removed!
Our trained sugarists are able to provide you with exceptional customer service, all natural sugaring that results in the smoothest and longest lasting results.

Body sugaring for the body

Full Legs & Brazilian $95.00
Full Legs & G-String $85.00
Full Legs & Bikini $75.00

Full Legs $60.00
Half Legs & Brazilian $75.00
Half Legs & G-String $65.00

Half Legs & Bikini $58.00
Half Legs $30.00
Half Back $30.00

Stomach $20.00
Chest $25.00
Neck $15.00

Full Arms $32.00
Lower Arms $25.00
Underarms $17.00

Half Leg/G-String Bikini/Underarms $70.00
Half Leg/Bikini/Underarms $65.00
Half Leg/Brazilian/Underarms $82.00

Brazilian & Underarms $60.00
G-String Bikini & Underarms $50.00
Bikini & Underarms $40.00

Brazilian (first time) $80.00
Brazilian (every 4 – 6 weeks) $49.00
G-String Bikini $38.00
Sweetkini ™ $25.00
Classic Bikini $30.00

Full Legs $80.00
Half Legs $110.00
Chest $50.00+

Stomach $20.00
Neck $15.00
Full Back$50.00+

Half Back$35.00+
Full Arms$40.00
Lower Arms$35.00

Feet $10.00
Mankini ™ $49.00

Brozilian (first time) $79.00
Brozilian Maintenance$60.00
Brozilian & Underarms $70.00
Underarms $17.00
Brozilian & Half Leg $90.00
Buttocks $48.00

Full Legs $38.00
Full Legs & Bikini $48.00
Half Legs & Bikini $35.00

Half Legs $20.00
Half Leg/Bikini/Underarms $40.00
Bikini & Underarms $28.00

Full Arms $22.00
Lower Arms$17.00

Sweetkini ™ $18.00

Body sugaring for the face

Eyelash Tinting $25.00
Eyebrow Tinting $18.00
Eyebrow Tint & Maintenance $28.00
Eyelash Tint & Brow Tint $38.00
Full Face$45.00
Eyebrow Design $28.00
Eyebrow & Upper Lip $25.00
Eyebrow Maintenance$19.00
Upper Lip $13.00
Cheeks $13.00
Chin $13.00

All tinting at SUGARMOON is done with Refectocil, the worldwide gold standard in tinting. For best results we recommend booking every 4-6 weeks. All of the Refectocil & Refectocil Sensitive colours are vegan plant based.

Eyebrow Design $19.00
Eyebrow Maintenance $19.00
Eyebrow Design $15.00
Eyebrow & Upper Lip $15.00
Eyebrow Maintenance $12.00
Upper Lip $8.00

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between bikini, G stargin, and brazilian?

For a bikini, we’ll clean up just the sides and top of your bikini line, anything that would show while wearing a bathing suit. For a G String the sides and top, as with the bikini, but the thing that makes it different is that we’ll also do the back, in essence we’ll remove any hair that might peak out if you’re wearing a thong. A Brazilian is the removal of all pubic hair, although if you like, we can leave a strip of hair..

I am prone to ingrowns, what can I do to help this?

There are a few basic things you can do to reduce and get rid of ingrown hairs. First a foremost, exfoliate! Using a natural bristle body brush, exfoliating cloth or brush, or body scrub two to three times per week you’ll keep dead skin cells from trapping new hair growth under your skin. The second step is to keep your skin healthy and moisturized. A good rule of thumb is, whenever your skin gets wet (after every shower or bath) moisturize.

How long should my hair be?

For best results your hair should be a quarter of an inch long.

Will it hurt as much as waxing?

Most people find that body sugaring hurts less than waxing, but it all depends on your own pain tolerance.

How long should I wait between appointments?

A: For most services we recommend coming in every four to six weeks in order to have as much hair as possible growing at the same time. Timing may vary depending on your growth cycle and how long you’ve been sugaring. Ask your technician for their recommendation on your next visit.

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