I have been summering at the cottage for the last 12 years. This means we host a TON of guests.  Every year I try and create something memorable that isn’t completely blurred by the consumption of copious amounts of alcohol and I usually succeed.

The interesting thing about this summer is people are most impressed by my extensive line of Sugarmoon products in the bathroom!  All that money spent on booze and boating and the question most frequently asked is “Hey Les!  Can I try this stuff?”.

It started with some Skin Essence products that I brought up – a mineral softening mask and SOOTHE moisturizer.  Unique and fun products for sure.  We mixed up a big batch of the clay softening mask and everyone , women, boys and girls slathered their faces with clay.  A fun cloudy day event – the best part?  Because it is ALL NATURAL we jumped in the lake to wash it off.  The benefit is that my peeps got to experience first hand what I already know – the products we carry at Sugarmoon are natural, eco friendly and SAFE.

The next big discovery is the vat of body butter on the sink.  This is a Sacred Nature product that I ordinarily wouldn’t buy BUT my skin is so devoid of moisture from swimming 8 times a day that I absolutely needed something with tons of volume.  It is AMAZING. My skin has NEVER felt this good – the awful part about keeping it in the bathroom is that it is almost gone as it’s lasting and rejuvenating effects can be seen and felt by all of my friends.  They in turn lather up their sun kissed and dried bodies (even the kidlets) leaving me with a barren jar of the most amazing body butter EVER.

The latest and greatest additions to our bathroom collection (that used to include IVORY soap by the way) are the Sugarmoon products!  Holy Hannah as someone who has never ever tried the Sugar scrub I am a total convert.  Shea butter, vitamin E and sugar end up in a mixture that includes lime and lavender essential oils resulting in a scent like no other!  Our last swim of the day includes rubbing this magical mixture on our entire bodies and leaping into the lake.

Lastly, I purchased a take home sugar kit.  As an at home sugaring virgin, make that an at home hair removal virgin, I have NEVER tried to take my own hair off.  As the mom of three boys who just happened to be hosting three more, I demanded portions of their hairy bodies to try and take some off.  Like the curious simpletons that they are, they agreed and a whole lot of fun ensued.  The funny thing is, the more I tried to inflict pain on them, the less successful I was!  It just didn’t hurt.  Now there are 6 boys that are missing significant patches of body hair but they also have gotten rid of their uni brows.  They are all well versed in the benefits of sugaring and with all that practice, I managed to remove my moustache with little to no complications.  Win! Win! I say.

I am so proud to be working for a company that puts their money where their mouth is.  All of these products and product lines are eco-friendly, natural and they work.  If you don’t believe me, come up North and have a gander at my bathroom.  Please feel free to try anything you’d like!