I often get a chance to talk about how SUGARMOON started and I smile as I tell the story because my mom offered me a loan of $10,000 to get underway.  This was beginning of a 3 store, 24 beautiful team member story that is now 15 years old. I remember shopping with my mom, looking for an icon that would reflect and represent the woman in the moon and we stumbled across a beautiful statue that has its place at the Danforth store, one that will remain part of our history.

She believed in my vision then and continues to support and get behind me on this new journey of the moon brand of companies. She is always offering me support and wears many hats. She is our gardener, our model when we need her and our staff meeting hostess. The staff have come to know her well.

People have often asked me how I keep it all together as I am a single mom and run a business. I am referred to as “superwoman” a lot by the team which I always find funny. The truth is, I am super because I have my own superwoman mother behind me. She lends support at all times and my kids adore their Nonna . I am pretty sure they would be totally ok if she took over the cooking forever. Lol.

I feel so lucky to be working with beautiful women at SUGARMOON, we have 10 mothers on staff and one new mother to be.  It is a challenge to wake up, get our kids out, show up and put all of our stress behind us, but we do it with the love and passion for our work and family.  Thank you to all of the women for their warm smiles and positivity that they show up with daily.

To all of the mother’s out there, it is Mother’s Day everyday but I hope that in reflection of this holiday, you can put your feet up, take in all of the things that you do in a day, love yourself for everything that you do and breathe slowly. For all of the father’s who play both roles, I wish you a Happy Mather’s Day too.😉

I hope to see many of you at our Danforth and Bloor locations as we are hosting a beautiful event with ArteStile, another powerhouse company lead by two sisters and their mom.  The event takes place on Sat May 13th, from 9-5.