The reusable, non-toxic, long lasting and eco-friendly options are now here! Diva Cups are the gold standard in reusable menstrual cups, providing up to 12 hour leak free protection! These brilliant little cups are latex, plastic, and BPA free, cause no waste, and bring no worries of toxins entering your body. Even better they are incredibly easy to use and perfect for your daily activities, even when they include swimming, yoga or just watching Netflix. They’re also fantastic to travel with, weather that be hiking through a beautiful provincial park or taking an 8 hr flight, you won’t have to worry about leaking or making sure you brought enough tampons with you!

If you’re looking to replace pads instead, try a Luna Pad! Not only incredibly cost effective, but also Canadian made and super effective. Luna Pads come in so many formats there is no doubt one for your particular needs. From teeny panty liners to super absorbent overnight pads, Luna Pads even makes a Postpartum kit for those who have just delivered. Available in adorable prints or plain if you prefer, all are made from machine washable cotton to make this the easiest choice you’ve ever made!