Thanks to St. Tropez that’s no problem, you’ll still get a beachy sun kissed look anyways. My personal saviour during these cold months is the St. Tropez Original Mousse. It’s so easy to apply and I’m always a gorgeous even bronze without ever streaking or looking patchy. Simply pump the mousse onto a St. Tropez mitt and rub into your skin where you want a little extra oomph! My trick to looking extra natural is to always apply to areas that see more sun first, like the tops of the arms, collar bone, and tops of legs. I also like to use the left over product still on my mitt for the face for an incredibly natural look!

If you’re not feeling like a DIY tan is your thing, swing by for a professionally applied spray tan. Applied by one of our trained staff, we can customize your application giving you exactly the look you’d like in only 30 minutes.