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July 11, 2017

Skin Essence Natural E-Cream

Skin Essence’s 100% natural e-Cream is ALWAYS a staff favorite at Sugarmoon!

This all Natural, 100% Canadian product is a LIFESAVER over the summer.

Not only is E-Cream a natural sunscreen (it contains Zinc Oxide) it acts as a healer for all skin types and most skin irritations.

It helps with chaffing -apply a small amount to areas that might rub before your workout or before heading to start your day and prevent your skin from becoming irritated.

It helps the body to promote healing – apply a small amount to cuts, burns and all kinds of abrasions.  It acts as a wonderful moisturizer for sun burns and helps protect your skin from further damage. It gets rid of redness and itching making it a PERFECT solution for bug bits and stings!!

It is a summer MUST HAVE!

Come into Sugarmoon and take advantage of our July promotion – buy any 2 Skin Essence Products (including E-Cream) and get a FREE facial in a jar – their most popular product!

Happy Summer Everyone!!

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