Bend the foundation of your skincare routine and transform your skin from the inside out.

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Bend beauty is scientifically proven to get results.

It is a special formulation of 6 active ingredients that promote radiant and healthy skin from the inside out.  Bend combines GLA, EPA, Lutein, DHA, Vitamin D and Zeaxanthin.  This formula guarantees more firmness and elasticity and a decrease in roughness and redness of your skin and the results are seen within 3 months of taking Bend.  

Adding Bend Beauty to your beauty routine will not only result in a noticeable difference in the radiance and youthfulness of your skin, it also provides natural UV protection, hydration and protection from free radicals and the environment.

Bend is easy to take.  It is available in both liquid and convenient soft gels.

Bend Beauty is available at all three of our Sugarmoon locations.