Sugarmoon is proud to announce the launch of our Employee Supported Volunteer Program.  We have coined the term “Sweet Ambassadors”  to refer to our team of employee supported volunteers. Sugarmoon is committed to fostering a sense of community, good will and engagement amongst it’s employees.  This is modeled by our owner Paola Girotti.  Paola is committed to creating an environment that supports the needs of our community.  By creating relationships with key organizations and supporting her employees while they engage in volunteering,  she is proud to be launching this ESP initiative.  This program is unique and will serve to create a sense of belonging within our working environment and the community at large.

As our first Sweet Ambassador initiative, Sugarmoon recently created a partnership with the Red Door shelter in Toronto.  This is inline with our vision of empowering women and supporting them so that their choices lead to independence.  At Sugarmoon we believe in beauty from the inside out, with this partnership we will be able to assist women and children in crisis find their inner beauty and showcase it.

The Red Door has been helping women in distress since 1982.  They are community visionaries who provide all of the essentials required to maintain normalcy in the face of violence and/or discrimination and extreme poverty.  They seek to give women and their families a safe place to live and rebuild.  We are proud to be able to help them.

On Tuesday May 8, we had the privilege of volunteering at the Red Door.  Once the afternoon was completed, everyone left feeling lighter – our staff enjoyed getting to know the women and playing with the children – it felt good to give the women a break from their day to day.  Moving forward Sugarmoon will be visiting the Red Door monthly to provide services and volunteer in any way they need. We look forward to continuing this mutually beneficial relationship.