Sugarmoon has created a safe, welcoming and friendly environment for teens. Our professional staff will ease your teen into hair removal and help them to learn eco-friendly methods to take care of their skin. Our suite of services includes hair removal for arms, legs, face and bikini, eyebrow design including tinting, facial services and massage. All services for clients under the age of 18 require written consent from a parent or guardian.

Clean, natural Environment

Sugarmoon promises your teen a gentle hair removal experience. Our staff are trained to deal with the treatment needs of teens and understand how to best service them. Our salons are safe spaces where a parent can feel comfortable with the services provided for their teen. All services are hygenic (your sugar, your treatment) and all services use natural, eco-friendly ingredients.

Natual Hair removal

Sweetmoon hair removal is done with our all natural sugar paste. Made of only lemon, sugar and water, it’s natural and perfectly safe for all areas of the body and all skin types! Our sugar is so good, you can actually eat it. Because of our all natural, organic sugar formula Sugarmoon’s hair removal is not only all natural, it’s also good for your skin and won’t cause any skin damage. Book an appointment today and see for yourself.

Confidence booster

Following our service, your teen will look and feel great! We pride ourselves on exceptional service and our eco-friendly, organic ingredients. We require signed parental permission before beginning any service. This gives you peace of mind and helps us to know how best to service you and your teen. You can trust our team with your teen, knowing that you are fully in control of their treatment. Give us a try! Book an appointment today!

Professional Trusted Service

Feel better after any of our services. Whether your teen comes in for hair removal, one of our signature facials designed with good skin care in mind, or one of our massages developed specifically for teens, both you and your teen will feel great following our service. Knowing that our technicians are specially trained to deal with young, growing teens and that our ingredients are all natural will give you peace of mind.

Services for sweetmoon

Full Legs $38.00 Full Legs & Bikini $48.00 Half Legs & Bikini $35.00 Half Legs $20.00 Half Legs/Bikini/Under Arms $40.00 Bikini & Under Arms $28.00 Full Arms $22.00 Lower Arms $17.00 Under Arms $11.00 Sweetini™ $18.00

Acne Blemish Begone Facial

35 Minutes $46.00
45 Minutes (with extractions) $56.00

SweetMoon Organic Facial

35 Minutes $46.00
45 Minutes (with extractions) $56.00

*Clients under 18 years of age must have written consent from a parent or guradian for all services.

Eyebrow Design $15.00 Eyebrow & Upper Lip $15.00 Eyebrow Maintenance$12.00 Upper Lip$8.00 Chin$8.00 *Clients under 18 years of age must have written consent from a parent or guradian for all services.


30 Minutes $45.00
45 Minutes $60.00
60 Minutes $90.00
90 Minutes $120.00

Deep tissue

30 Minutes $45.00
30 Minutes $60.00
30 Minutes $90.00
30 Minutes $120.00

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