One of my favourite services to do here at Sugarmoon are the St. Tropez spray tans. Something about hand spraying clients with the luxurious colors that St. Tropez has to offer is a fascinating process. Whether I’m seeing first time tanners who come in terrified asking the very popular question “am I gonna come out orange?” (the answer is always no by the way) , to experienced St. Tropez fans who are just excited for their final look, the entire process makes me excited because I know they’re going to love it.

The St. Tropez colors that we offer here are the Classic Tan; which is equivalent to 1-2 weeks of vacation, and the Dark Tan which is equivalent to 3-4 weeks of vacation. Most people like to go with the classic because it’s the most natural looking, only the brave go for the dark (just kidding, they’re both amazing). It’s also very interesting because the St. Tropez tanning solutions that we use are not “one color fits all”, the colors work with your original skin tone to give you a customized tan. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve sprayed with the Classic Tan solution and it looks different on everyone

Are you ever panicked about pigment?!

I can honestly say I’m never worried about the pigment with St. Tropez products. It gives everyone an even tan that looks amazing, it’s honestly fool proof. The only time there’s a problem with color is when the client didn’t follow the pre tan rules. So things like lotions or oils can affect the way the color sits on the skin. Another challenge is uneven skin tones and tan lines, but those can be fixes by mixing different colors or focusing them in particular areas to even it out. For example if you already have a tan and obvious tan lines a full body tan in a solution that is the same or darker than your current tan will most likely even you out.

What is your top recommendation for take home product to keep that tan glowing??

The one product that I can recommend (and absolutely love!) is the St. Tropez Luxe oil. What people love about it is the golden yet natural look it gives you, opposed to the regular baked look you would get with just using the base solutions on their own. I personally love it because it’s a product that you can easily use at home and is suitable for all skin tones. I have darker skin and the Luxe Oil gives my skin an even and golden glow that is just AMAZING in pictures and in person. Usually I would use some type of body oil but that obviously leaves my skin feeling greasy and I feel like I’m a walking oil slick. The Luxe oil I can put on at night, go the bed and when I wash it off in the morning I’m good to go and don’t have to worry about it for almost a week. The color is buildable so you could use it continuously and just maintain that glow. If you’re looking for a nice hydrated or dewy glow to your tan I highly recommend the St. Tropez Luxe oil!