Summer is here and we all know what that means… Sunscreen. Sunscreen ads, sunscreen buying and sunscreen applying. Whether you’re a golfer, a mom or someone who just loves to soak up the sun –  sunscreen is an absolute must.  The only fact left open to debate is WHICH ONE?

That is why I have made it my mission to tell you all about a fabulous product that we carry at Sugarmoon – a powder based, natural sunscreen called Powder Me SPF!  It’s from Jane Iredale and it is simply amazing.

This sunscreen is perfect for anyone who is outside enjoying all that summer has to offer.  It has been specifically designed for your face and shoulder region.  It has an SPF of 30 and is water resistant for 40 minutes!!!!!

In a world filled with chemicals that we ingest or are constantly putting onto our bodies Powder Me SPF is a breath of fresh air. Like all Jane Iredale products, it carries the EcoCert seal of approval. That is the most difficult certification for make-up products world-wide. It means this sunscreen is completely mineral based and all the ingredients are organic. This easy to use product has no fillers, like talc or scents – making it perfect for professional women of all ages, moms on the run and happy kids.

So how to use it? Thats easy! Powder Me SPF is meant to be used on top of your every day or even special event make-up. It’s perfect for  those days you know you’ll be out and about and need more than one sunscreen application. Simply apply Powder Me SPF gently on top of your make-up. Don’t worry if it looks a bit chalky. Give it a few moments to settle and it will completely blend into your look.

Powder me by Jane Iredale is perfect for patios, boating, golfing and kids!

As a busy mom and working girl Powder Me has changed the way I apply sunscreen, instead of using a cream/spray version on their hairline – arguably the hardest spot on their perfect bodies to protect-I am able to apply this powder product directly to their scalp with no greasy side effects.

Powder Me SPF is perfect for little faces and shoulders and even for along the parts in their hair. Or in the case of bald babies you can put it all over their little heads. Another benefit is there are no more tears if some flyaway powder gets in their eyes. Remember than 40 Minutes of water resistance? Kid tested at the splash pad and no burnt scalps or noses.

Check out Powder Me SPF and other Jane Iredale products the next time you visit us at Sugarmoon!

Sincerely, Kathryn – Sugarmoon technician and busy mom of three kids.