I’m notoriously the biggest baby when it comes to hair removal. It’s a cruel gift from the universe that because I dole it out all day my personal sugaring will forever suck. I had mostly come to terms with this and had a system that mostly worked. My system involved a gentle numbing cream, and if I’m at home, a few glasses of wine and lots o swearing!

Enter Zensa numbing cream! Let me tell you a little story. Last time I needed my sugaring done I was given the gift of Zensa from Paola, the owner of SUGARMOON, with a little note that may have mentioned that I’m a big baby. After I stopped laughing and applied about a third of the tube I was ready for my service in about 40 minutes. When I was lying there ready for my sugaring I was shocked a few seconds later to discover it had already started! That’s right folks, I didn’t feel it start. I had stopped expecting a numbing cream to totally numb me and I have to admit, I almost cried with joy when it worked so well. This little investment product ($48 per tube) is my new bestie, my new bff, my bae, and everything sweet and shining in the world.

Sorry husband!