cricel’s experience with vitamin b

cricel’s experience with vitamin b

The cold and dry weather paired with wearing a mask has reeked havoc on my skin!  Not only is the skin underneath the mask dry and dehydrated, the skin around the corner of my lip is flaky, my lip has split and I’ve also been breaking out.  It is extremely uncomfortable and painful. My usual collection of skincare products weren’t quite getting the job done, so I needed to explore some new ideas to heal my skin.  Solution…Sugarmoon’s vitamin B serum.

Sugarmoon’s Vitamin B serum (Hyaluronic Acid B5 and Niacinamide B3) is great for dry and breakout prone skin types.

Vitamin B5 is hydrating and promotes wound healing and is useful for normal to dry skin types. Skin loves hyaluronic acid because it already contains it. Primarily found in skin, it helps maintain moisture but in winter it needs the extra boost, so adding it topically is super effective.

Vitamin B3 is especially beneficial for sensitive and acne-prone skin and is antibacterial and helps to reduce pigmentation. Know to improve the brightness and appearance of skin, niacinamide has become a very popular addition to skincare routines for almost any skin type. These vitamins are also very versatile antioxidants which help to improve the texture of my skin, reduces inflammation and can even help to repair the look of fine lines. 

After a week of using the serum twice a day….Voila! My skin is much more supple, hydrated, less red and much calmer.

May 19, 2021 — Heena Sehgal