Feel Smooth, from Front to Back

Feel Smooth, from Front to Back

We’re getting into the warmer months, and I think there’s no better time to talk about something we all often forget about (because we can’t see it), our back. Our back is one of the largest surface areas to cover on our bodies and we often neglect the skin that covers it.

We all know the amazing benefits of sugaring, no matter the area of the body, but what about the skin underneath the hair? Many people experience clogged pores, breakouts and irritation on their backs, and hardly ever see it. A back facial can help prepare your back for an event, or be part of your regular skin health routine.

Benefit #1: Deeply cleanses the skin on your back

Back facials deeply cleanse your skin. They remove all the dirt and grime from your back that has built up over time, and can get rid of all the dirt you can’t cleanse yourself. This is particularly important because it’s so hard to properly reach your back without assistance. The deep cleanse will prevent breakouts and acne from appearing on your back. Back facials are a powerful defense against harmful bacteria.

Benefit #2: Safe exfoliation 

Back facials can safely exfoliate your skin. Incorrect exfoliation can be too harsh for your delicate back skin. It can result in swelling, irritation and redness. Yep, exfoliation can be one of the worst things for your skin if it’s not done correctly! Safe exfoliation will deeply cleanse your skin and remove dead skin cells from your back, without damaging your body skin.

Benefit #3: Boosts blood circulation

Blood circulation is essential for brightening and smoothing your skin. Back facials boost your blood circulation through their use of lymphatic draining massage techniques. Your technician will apply products to your back with special motions and movements that are designed to send oxygen and nutrients to cells. Lymphatic drainage massages help prevent the development of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as reduce puffiness. Your back will be healthier than ever!

Benefit #4: Effectively treats acne

Back facials safely and effectively treat acne. Your technician will be sure to discuss with you your specific skincare goals prior to beginning the treatment. We use special methods to remove clogged pores and prevent excessive sebum (oil) production on your back.

Benefit #5: Detoxification from environmental aggressors 

Pollution, sun damage and dirt all have negative effects on your back skin. Pollutants and environmental aggressors make your skin dull and dry. Back facials can deeply penetrate the layers of the skin and detoxify it from nasty environmental aggressors. Whether you struggle with dry patches, breakouts, acne or a build-up of dead skin cells, facials will eliminate whatever is causing your problems.

Benefit #6: Prevents signs of ageing

Back facials can stimulate collagen production and increase cell production. More collagen means your skin will appear firmer and smoother. Improving your collagen intake is one of the main ways you can reverse and prevent the signs of ageing on your back skin. Say hello to firm, hydrated, nourished back skin!

Benefit #7: Illuminates and brightens the skin on the back

Back facials illuminate and brighten the skin. Back facials and chemical peels strip the back of dead skin cells. Dead skin cells build up over time and dim your inner glow.

A back facial is the perfect follow-up appointment to a back sugaring treatment. Please know that because sugar is a natural exfoliant, we are unable to provide both services within the same 48 hours.

Yay for smooth, clear skin from front to back!