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the signature tan

Our Signature Tan is the ultimate sunless tan experience, perfect for before any special event, such a birthday, engagement party, or wedding!

This complete tanning experience incorporates a comprehensive skin prep, sculpting and custom colour for your most gorgeous glow.

Includes our advanced pH balancing spray and any level of colour, from the lightest glow to a deep bronzed tan, and body shimmer drops (if desired) to boost your glow instantly.

$70 (30 minutes)

the signature tan (express)

Go glow go! Don’t have time to wait the full 8 hours before you can shower? No problem. Our signature tan express is the same ultimate sunless tanning experience as our original signature tan with less time before you shower.

For light tans, shower after two hours – wait for four to five for that extra dark look! The depth of color is entirely up to you.

$80 (30 minutes)

1/2 body signature tan

Choose the upper or the lower body with our signature tan, the ultimate sunless tan experience.

$35 (20 minutes)


Don't tone it...tan it! Contour your natural muscle definition with this customized tan. Using a smaller airbrush gun with a smaller tip, it's all about precision as this tan leaves your muscles looking more defined. Sculpt and shade your way to enhance muscle tone and depth around your arms, legs, abs, chest and even cheekbones.

$20 for full body, $10 for 1/2 body (10 minutes)

spray tan walkthrough

Get tanned by a professional at sugarmoon.

how to choose your tan using the sjolie solution guide

*please note Sugarmoon does not offer the “luxe” or the “14”.


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