Lash Tinting

Sugarmoon only uses Refectocil products for all tinting services. Refectocil is the only brand approved by Health Canada for eyelash and eyebrow tinting. 


Health Canada has finalized several changes to its list of substances prohibited or restricted in personal care products, including a ban on sodium bromate. This entry was amended from a restriction to a prohibition. Sodium bromate is toxicologically equivalent to potassium bromate, which has been prohibited since march 2011 due to its carcinogenic potential. Refectocil does not contain Sodium Bromate on its ingredient list.


  • eyelash tinting: $25.00
  • eyebrow tinting: $18.00
  • eyebrow tint & maintenance: $35.00
  • eyelash tint & brow tint: $40.00
  • eyebrow maintenance and eyelash tinting: $40

important note

We recognize all women who identify as women and all men who identify as men. For folks that identify as non-binary or trans, if you are looking to book intimate services, we welcome calls and emails to make sure we are booking you with a trained technician to service your particular needs. Your safety and comfort are our priority.