Big news… I’ve renewed my love affair with E-Cream! 

Working at Sugarmoon means we have access to a lot of great skincare, and are regularly encouraged to try everything so we can help you when you’re looking for something great. E-Cream is one of those products we’ve had forever and I’m sad to say, I forgot. I forgot how great it is. I forgot the little benefits and the different ways to use this fantastic product. 

I remember now!

I bought myself a new E-Cream a few weeks ago when I’d been reading a lot of articles about “slugging”, which is a night time routine to help lock moisture into your skin, especially for people like me with very dry skin. While the usual form of slugging suggests using vaseline or another petroleum based product to lock in moisture and help your skin repair overnight, the idea of using something that doesn’t allow my skin to breathe wasn’t particularly appealing, but then I remembered that E-Cream contains beeswax. Beeswax can similarly create a barrier so that the products beneath do their job and deeply moisturize. Plus, bonus for me, E-Cream is not just a protective balm, but also extremely moisturizing as well.

My new night routine now looks like this:

  1. Cleanse with Sugarmoon Cream Cleanser (for normal to dry skin), I suggest singing the alphabet twice while cleansing to make sure it’s on your skin long enough to do it’s job.
  2. Tone with the Repechage Hydra Dew Pure Facial Essence Mist. I’m not usually all that into toning, but I was trying out some new Repechage products, and it’s pretty great!
  3. Apply ½ dropper of Sugarmoon Vitamin B serum. When trying out Slugging, it’s best not to use your Vitamin A or C, so save those for other nights!
  4. Spot treat any breakouts with my Skin Relief Oil
  5. Apply a little Sugarmoon Hydrating Moisturizer or Repechage Hydro Complex PFS (I like to go back and forth between the two, who doesn’t like to mix it up a little here and there)
  6. Finally, add a thin layer of E-Cream over the whole thing. 

When I wake up in the mornings after trying this little experiment I’ve found my skin feels more plump, looks more even and I think even a little brighter! 

I’ll clarify here, this is not a plan for people with very oily or acne prone skin, you’re more likely to induce some breakouts, but for those of us with dryer, rougher, dull skin, this $22 addition to my nights has resulted in an impressive improvement.

As if that wasn’t enough, here are a few more notes about the benefits of E-Cream

  • It’s green, so for those with red irritated skin it can help to mask a little of that redness
  • It contains approximately 35% zinc oxide, giving it a natural unofficial SPF of about 30
  • The balm like quality can help protect against nasty weather 
  • A tiny bit goes a loooooooong way, the jar looks small, but it’ll last ages!