You are getting ready for a date of your life and something red-ish is appearing on your face. You try to ignore it for a while. Maybe you got beaten by a mosquito. Calming yourself down doesn’t help. Teens are in that life period when calmness isn’t something they can brag about. Even the slightest problem can appear huge. We don’t blame you, those are the special years.

Let’s go back to the spot…The redness is still there. Now it transforms into a bump and there is no more doubt. You have a pimple on your face. We know this sounds terrible, but let’s see what you can do about it. An average teen will make a drama and try to pop a pimple. And this is the worst possible scenario. Yes, you are still a little bit inexperienced when it comes to pimples. Don’t worry, we will teach you everything about popping the pimples.

It is tempting to look at it, right? A pimple just makes you want to squeeze it. But, count to ten. You are not going to do that. Asking why?

Well, the first reason is that popping the pimple will make it even worse! It is big and red, but it can get bigger and redder. Since a pimple just showed up, it needs to go through some phases. It won’t be able to pop it that fast. 

Just like you, your pimple has to mature. And the two of you will do this together. Let it be for a little while. If you try to pop a pimple in its early phase, you will open it. And now it is more likely to have some bacteria, which can make it horrible. You want it to disappear fast? Then just skip the popping. 

And what can you do? Luckily, there is an instant solution. As a pimple is in the phase of growing and maturing, you can speed up this process. What your pimple needs is the heat. Act upon it with a warm cloth or towel. Find the right water temperature, but if you can stand a little hotter water, that is great. Then drench the towel in it and press against a pimple. It will eventually become even redder, but this will last for a couple of minutes. Use our skin relief, it will help reduce the redness and the pimple while allowing the skin to heal.  Repeat the process a couple of times, then do it again in a few hours.

Teens are impatient, of course. They want everything now, and that can be a problem. Especially if we talk about the way they look. Popping the pimples can make the problem worse. Try out our magic in a bottle skin relief ( Jamie, please add the link) along with our balancing moisturizer.

Or even better, book a facial with us over the March break. Try a little bliss - you deserve it!