There is nothing better than a facial, right? You leave the treatment feeling clean, fresh with glowing skin.. the only thing better than a facial - is a facial made and packaged just for you.

Unidose facials are facials that have each step measured with the exact right amount for your skincare treatment. This means that there is no waste of product, zero chance of cross contamination, fresh ingredients - blended together at the time of your treatment rather than pre-mixed.

The Repechage Vita Cura facial that we offer at Sugarmoon is a perfect example. This amazing facial, again - tailored just for you, provides an instant trigger to younger looking skin.

The ingredients that are blended at the time of your appointment lift and firm mature skin and provide advance skin repair, with long term benefits like preserving the elasticity of your skin and it even helps to prompt cell renewal.

Talk to your technician today for more information, or visit our website to book your very own unidose facial.