“What’s my secret for the summer? It’s the Sjolie bronzing mousse! 
As someone with a dark skin tone, I always loved how my skin looked when I went on vacation, so when I tried bronzing mousse for the first time I was blown away with the results. 
I apply 2 coats and let it develop overnight. I also like to contour my face to give myself a bronzed and sculpted look without having to apply makeup. I rinse it off in the morning, leaving my skin with a deep color and a golden glow. I exfoliate regularly to help it fade evenly and reapply as needed to maintain the colour. This mousse is buildable so you can customize how dark your tan looks by reapplying throughout the week. 
I love that the Sjolie bronzing mousse is amazing for all skin types and is so easy to use. I’ve recommended it to all of my friends and it’s quickly become the must-have for the summer.”
- Terez
July 26, 2023 — Heena Sehgal