Bend - Renew + Protect Liquid 200ml (formerly Anti Aging Formula)


Transform your skin from the inside out with 6 powerful active ingredients. Unlike other skin care products Bend Anti-Aging Formula goes deep to target the root cause of aging. Experience more youthful skin with increased hydration, firmness and elasticity, reduced roughness and redness, as well as protecting against UV damage. In a breakthrough clinical trial participants using Bend Anti-Aging Formula saw a remarkable 83% increase in skin resistance to UV.



  • Helps in reducing skin sensitivity to UV induced sunburn*

  • Helps improve skin hydration*

  • Helps improve skin elasticity and firmness*

  • Helps improve roughness and redness*

  • Provides antioxidants for skin health*


Directions: For adults 19+. Oral use. Shake. Take 1 tsp daily. 

Medicinal ingredients: Fish oil, borage oil, vitamin D, lutein, zeaxanthin

Non-medicinal ingredients: Natural grapefruit and  tangerine flavours, sunflower oil, phospholipids, canola oil, tocopherols (derived from non-GMO soy), medium chain triglycerides, ascorbic acid, monk fruit extract.

Caution: This product is not intended to replace the use of topical sunscreen. Spending time in the sun increases your risk of sunburn, skin cancer and early skin aging.  Do not use if safety seal is broken or missing. Keep our of reach of children. Keep unopened in a cool dry place. 

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