Casmara Peeling Booster Sheet Mask - Glycolic


Casmara Sheet Masks offer powerful facial boosters in a sheet mask format for advanced facial care! With just a 15 minute application, skin gets the equivalent of a months worth of serum, achieving a flash effect. Each mask provides immediate intense hydration while helping to restore a naturally radiant complexion

Benefits of Casmara Sheet Masks :

  • Immediate intense hydration
  • Fast 15 minute relaxing application
  • Powerful facial boosters rejuvenate skin

Who is this for?

All ages and skin types. Ideal night care for combination skin prone to oiliness.


• Helps to improve the texture and skin microrelief.

• Contributes to improving superficial skin imperfections.

• Helps to improve the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

• Helps to increase skin hydration and to prevent water loss.



Renewed skin.

Refined imperfections.

More even looking skin tone.

Softened appearance of the expression lines.


Active ingredients

GLYCOLIC ACID; works to break the bonds between the dead skin cells, for a peeling effect.

LACTIC ACID; helps eliminate accumulated dead skin cells.

MALIC ACID; helps gently peel off the top layer of skin.

TARTARIC ACID; provides keratolytic and astringent properties.

CITIRC ACID; helps exfoliate the skin, thereby unclogging pores and helping remove dead skin cells from the surface.

ALOE VERA; helps the skin naturally renew without irritation.

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